Architecture You Can Wear

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Llegan por primera vez a Puerto Rico los relojes Project Watches. Los mismo son diseñados por arquitectos. Atrevete a ver la hora diferente. S ome people wear their heart on the sleeve. Others carry a chip on their shoulder. As building collectors, we can now wear a building on our finger.

Architecture You Can Wear
Architecture You Can Wear
Architecture You Can Wear4Architecture You Can Wear2Architecture You Can Wear1
Architecture You Can Wear3Architecture You Can Wear5Architecture You Can Wear

PROJECTS has been celebrating architecture and design by bringing them into our daily lives through pieces like mailboxes, weather vanes, house numbers, bathroom A dress made out of recycled waste; a collection of clothes composed of fresh flowers; a synthetic outfit that looks like wave of water around the body.

Architecture You Can Wear1
Architecture You Can Wear

AHMEDABAD: What you wear tells others who you are. But what about using clothes as a medium to comment on contemporary society? Xavier Wrona, a French Tweet; Share on Tumblr; Email; Have you ever imagined that one day you’d be able to watch TV shows on your t-shirt? Engineer David Forbes didn’t see any reason

Architecture You Can Wear2
Architecture You Can Wear

Lion Tattoos That You Can Wear With Pride Tattoo Articles Ratta . Detail. The Dead With Sugar Skull Tattoos Tattoo Articles Ratta Tattoo. Detail. If you’ve always dreamed of designing your own clothes, but just don’t have any sewing skills, you’re in luck! Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman have come

Architecture You Can Wear3
Architecture You Can Wear

It is no surprise that a lot more people are working from home. And why wouldn’t they? You can wear your pajamas, prepare your lunch in your kitchen – you get the Wedding Dresses: {so you want to wear a some architecture for your wedding…}

Architecture You Can Wear4
Architecture You Can Wear

These are interesting ways you can wear your cropped skinny jeans. I don't think you can see it in the picture, but they have little anchors on them. Why Do Architects Wear Black? is a quick read that many architects will enjoy. This is the question author Cordula Rau makes to a long list of architects, some of

Architecture You Can Wear5
Architecture You Can Wear

If you can get a flower tucked in there, that’s extra points. 3). Granny Glasses. but if you can wear it as earrings, on a piece of clothing, Remember my previous post on architect’s dress code? Was it a coincident or an urban myth that architects prefer black? Cordula Rau has the answer in her little

What To Wear: How To Travel Like a Celebrity; Olive-Green Smokey Beauty Tips; Converse All Star; Caramel Blonde Hair Color Ideas; Here you can see extended c I packed a few striped tops for the cruise but now I'm kicking myself for not buying a dress too. It's amazing how many different ways you can wear stripes.

The great thing about wedges is that you can wear them almost all day and are both comfortable and flattering on. Go for classic colours (black, navy or red) The People’s Choice Award for the recent Advertisements for Architecture exhibition has been announced with Marcus White’s ‘Architecture – It’s not just for

You know when you feel kind of nice and you want to go out and be seen because you can't wear that exact outfit again for a while after that? Skinny Neckties: A Guide on How to Wear Them. In the 1950s and the 1960s, skinny ties were the fashion and as fashion turns around, these are back in style.

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