Architecture Unemployment Rate

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A look at typical unemployment rates and earnings for new graduates, the rate for workers with only a high school diploma is nearly three times as While a high unemployment rate looms over architecture graduates across the country, OU students had an opportunity to meet with representatives from about 25 firms

Architecture Unemployment Rate
Architecture Unemployment Rate
Architecture Unemployment RateArchitecture Unemployment Rate1Architecture Unemployment Rate5
Architecture Unemployment Rate4Architecture Unemployment Rate2Architecture Unemployment Rate3

Arts majors also have it tough, with an 11.1% unemployment rate for recent grads and a 7.1% rate for those with experience. That said, Unemployment » National Unemployment Rate ; State & Local Unemployment Rates ; Mass Layoffs ; Unemployment Research; Unemployment Overview ; Employment

Architecture Unemployment Rate1
Architecture Unemployment Rate

The rate of unemployment for those with undergraduate degrees in architecture was 13.9 percent; the arts, 11.1 percent; and the humanities, 9.4 percent. A recent study released by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce states that students who have recently graduated with a

Architecture Unemployment Rate2
Architecture Unemployment Rate

Students who received bachelor degrees in architecture experienced the highest unemployment rate upon graduating, according to a study released by Georgetown Unemployment rates were generally higher among those with degrees in non-technical fields, the authors said. How to pay a lower rate without refinancing.

Architecture Unemployment Rate3
Architecture Unemployment Rate

is the website partner of the Arkansas Business journal. According to the most recent American Community Survey by the Census Bureau, graduating architecture students have the highest unemployment rate among

Architecture Unemployment Rate4
Architecture Unemployment Rate

In general, the unemployment rate is lower for workers with graduate degrees than those with just a bachelor's. But the payoffs for a grad degree also vary by major. This is undoubtedly pushing the unemployment rate higher as more people become licensed in a contracting profession. According to the NAAB

Architecture Unemployment Rate5
Architecture Unemployment Rate

Series Title: Unemployment Rate: Architecture and Engineering Occupations, Women: NSA For this series: Numerical Data | Forecast | GIF Chart | PDF Chart | Online Library: Will design for food: Unemployment rate for new architecture grads near 14%.(SPOTLIGHT: Architecture & Engineering) by "Arkansas

Recent college graduates with a bachelor’s degree in the arts, humanities and architecture are facing a significantly higher unemployment rate than students in Recent architecture graduates have an unemployment rate of 13.9%, which is more than 5% higher than the national average of 8.5%, the study found.

While these reports are tough realities today, I don’t think the unemployment rate should demean the education itself. Unemployment by College Major: Georgetown’s report showed that the unemployment rate for architects with a master’s is 7.7%,

That compares to an overall unemployment rate of 8.9 percent among recent grads. (It must, of course, be noted that even 13.9 percent is much, The unemployment rate in the construction industry is currently 14.2 percent, but the hit rate is less than 35 to 40 percent.

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